Save up to 90% on corporate learning with game-inspired onboarding

Revolutionize enterprise learning and significantly reduce onboarding and training cost.

Revolutionizing Enterprise Learning

Onboard as easy as a video game

Ever played a video game without reading the manuals though it felt natural doing it? That is what GRAVITY does with corporate learning.

A screenshot of World of Warcraft, showing in-game guidance for the gamer
A screenshot of a Salesforce instance with GRAVITY enabled
step by step tutorial program
instructions inside your business applications
instructions inside your business applications
instructions inside your business applications

Write guides directly in your business applications

  • GRAVITY enables in-app guidance, like digital "Post-It" notes
  • Eliminates the need for traditional training or manuals
  • Mirrors the player journey of a computer game for intuitive use
Learn how to use GRAVITY
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See how GRAVITY works

Put information at the fingertips of your entire team, when and where they need it.

Empower your team find the information they need when they need it, where they need it!

Select a feature
Single Callouts are used to encourage users to take action.
Step-by-Step Callouts (Workflow) are used for complex processes or to explore multiple items.
Information Callouts are ideal to highlight new functions or features.
New ways of working are best communicated through Announcments.
GRAVITY provides powerful insights into Callout performance.  
Task and Goal Assignments
Users can easily be guided in their native language.
Popular apps where you can use GRAVITY
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Why Choose GRAVITY?

In today's fast-paced world, businesses need to adapt and learn quickly.

Save Cost

Cost Savings

GRAVITY significantly reduces enterprise learning and support costs by streamlining application training. This all-in-one solution eliminates the need for traditional classroom training and provides easy-to-access, in-app user guidance.


Rapid Rollouts

GRAVITY boosts IT project success and ROI by accelerating user adoption, streamlining training, promoting faster software rollouts, and enabling quicker release cycles.

No support calls needed

Save Support

Support Savings

By effectively answering most user questions directly within the application, GRAVITY reduces support efforts by up to 40%. This efficiency not only results in significant cost savings, but also ensures a smoother support process.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say

“Users get optimum support"

With GRAVITY, users get optimum support "at their fingertips" at the right time and in the right place. Maintaining the application is very intuitive and can be done by the business owners themselves with little effort. We evaluated various solutions, but GRAVITY is best integrated into the application. The solution is not only important for new applications, but also for new employees and makes it much easier for them to get started. The same solution can be used for several applications and even allows cross-application support.

crisof tremp
Christof Tremp
Director Digital Transformation, Generali Insurance

“Improve customer experience of SAP SuccessFactors”

GRAVITY helped improve the customer experience of our SAP SuccessFactors applications. It allows us to provide performance support to our 1500 employees exactly when and where they need it in the application and to increase data quality in the systems.

Barbara Werthmüller
Global Head Center of Expertise Serivces

“Information does not get lost”

We use GRAVITY to place information directly on the application where it is needed. That way, information does not get lost in the noise reaching us through different channels.

Mark Virgadamo
Mark Virgadamo
ICT Communications Manager at BKW Energie AG

Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say


Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs have been collected mainly from commercial discussions. For more technical or security-related information, please visit our Security Q&A on our public WIKI page.

Does GRAVITY work with desktop or Citrix applications?

Desktop applications are not supported. GRAVITY focuses on browser applications due to the push towards cloud services. Using GRAVITY with Citrix is possible.

Does GRAVITY work with all browser applications?

Yes. The exception may be older browser technologies that take over the screen, such as Adobe Flash or Java applets. GRAVITY understands the DOM model (object tree) of an application/HTML page, ensuring accurate positioning and identification throughout.

What is the GRAVITY implementation effort and timeline?

With the SaaS solution and browser extension, operations can be up and running within hours, with a full launch in approximately 6-8 weeks. The focus is on producing quality content to maximize user interaction and satisfaction.

How much maintenance does GRAVITY contents require?

GRAVITY automatically detects changes in applications and sends an email to the author if something breaks. Maintenance is low compared to traditional methods such as documents or e-learning.

Does GRAVITY support videos or chatbots?

Yes, GRAVITY supports photos, videos, PDFs, links and text with different callout types. Advanced elements such as surveys or chatbots can be included using embedded code.

Can GRAVITY replace training?

Most customers have found they can eliminate classical trainings, and instead, work on user adoption continuously. Rather than a one-time training, the application offers guidance throughout user interaction.

Embrace the future of enterprise learning with GRAVITY and revolutionize the way your business adapts and grows.

Get started with GRAVITY today.