Explore some of GRAVITY's features below - request a live demo to fully experience and appreciate its capabilities first hand!

Interactive Step-by-Step Instructions

GRAVITY provides interactive step-by-step Callouts that guide users through application processes from start to finish. This feature helps users navigate through tasks efficiently and ensures they are always directed to the correct location within the application.

Task and Goal Assignments

Audiences, Task and Goal Assignments

Just like your enterprise application, GRAVITY lets you group your users. In GRAVITY these groups are called Audiences. With their help, learning content can be target towards the right Audience, for example new joiners.

continuous evaluation

GRAVITY content (Callouts and Announcements) can be assigned to Tasks and Goals in GRAVITY, allowing to measure its effectiveness in the GRAVITY statistics.

faster implementation

Goals allow you to present information sequentially, taking the user on a journey. By showing them only what they need, they can build their knowledge incrementally, accelerating user adoption.

Multi-Language Support

GRAVITY offers support for multiple languages, making it accessible and user-friendly for a diverse range of users. This feature ensures that employees can easily understand and follow the instructions provided by the system, regardless of their native language.

Callout Statistics

Callout Statistics

The statistics console provides an overview of user behaviour, helping to identify gaps in training and areas where processes may not be functioning effectively.

This feature allows for targeted management of callout usage, ensuring that employees receive the necessary support and training to perform their tasks efficiently.


Reduction in learning cost

2 X

Accelerated user adoption

Ease of use

GRAVITY makes it especially easy for application managers, process owners, trainers, support staff or project leaders to create content and place it where it has the strongest effect.

No need for handovers

GRAVITY does not need a specialist from IT, training team or a digital adoption team to set up a project to capture new content.

Immediate problem resolution

As soon as the first support tickets appear, saying that something is unclear, guidance can be provided and the problem solved within minutes.

Automated, proactive, and smart support

The magic sauce of GRAVITY is that it automatically detects when your application has changed, and a certain help item is not up to date anymore. In such a case, it automatically sends a message to the Author, saying that something needs updated instructions, including the link that leads the Author to the right place.